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Financial Health Check Programme



  1. Prime Minister's Office

    Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

    Tuesday, 13 Rabiulakhir 1441 corresponding to 10 December 2019


    Wednesday, 14 Rabiulakhir 1441 corresponding to 11 December 2019


    1. Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD), in collaboration with the Prime Minister's Office, Employees Trust Fund (TAP), Brunei Association of Banks (BAB), Brunei Insurance and Takaful Association (BITA), Financial Planning Association of Brunei (FPAB), and Brunei Capital Markets Association (BCMA), organised a two-day Financial Health Check Programme for officers and staff of the Prime Minister's Office at the Banquet Hall, Prime Minister's Office, on Tuesday, 13 Rabiulakhir 1441 corresponding to 10 December 2019 and 14 Rabiulakhir 1441 corresponding to 11 December 2019..
    2. The programme is part of AMBD's nationwide initiative to raise the level of financial literacy in Brunei Darussalam, as well as to promote and develop an overall financial healthy lifestyle.
    3. The Financial Health Check Programme is divided into 3 sub-programmes: financial talks; one-on-one consultations with licensed and qualified financial planners; and a financial showcase.
    4. During the programme, participants were exposed to comprehensive concepts of financial management through financial talks and interactive activities. The one-on-one consultation enables participants to consult with financial planners in identifying viable solutions to achieve their financial goals. In addition, the participating institutions shared information on the financial products and services available in Brunei Darussalam through the financial showcase.
    5. Schools, businesses, organisations and institutions that are interested in having AMBD's Financial Health Check Programme may contact us at or call us at 2380007.


      Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam

      Ref:        AMBD/COMMS/3

      Date : 16 Rabiulakhir 1441 / 13 December 2019


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