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Self-Inquiry Report (SIR)​​


Last modified: 24/11/2016 04:04 PM |


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What is a Self-Inquiry Report? 

Self-Inquiry Report (SIR) is basically your credit report that contains detailed information of your credit information that you have taken up, such as credit cards, cars, homes, personal education financings, electric bills, telephone and internet subscriptions, from different financial and non-financial institutions.  


What is the purpose of Self-Inquiry Report? 

This report is for the purpose of self-check and it allows you to verify and rectify information that is shown in your credit report.

Why is it important?

Financial institutions will obtain your credit report to assess how you manage your financial responsibilities and your creditworthiness. Financial institutions will also use it for creditworthiness assessment based on the current and past track credit records of the borrowers. Amongst various information, financial institutions will make their own decisions based on the information in your credit report whether or not to grant you credit facilities.

Who can access my Self-Inquiry Report?

Only Members of the Credit Bureau will be able to access your self-inquiry reports and for permissible purposes only.

Who can request for the Self-Inquiry Report? 

  • Any individual, for his/her own credit report; and
  • Any commercial company for its own credit report.